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Enjoy yourself at a

Car Treasure Hunt.

See the local countryside and have fun solving the clues along the way.

Sunday 18th April

To book and register, ring Betty 68773309

email: chair.tapassociety@gmail.com

We at TAPAS are so proud of this song, written by our musical director James Burn. 

"Making Memories"

All over the world the theaters are currently closed.

The lyrics in this song, performed by Gemma Lloyd and Peet Rothwell are so poignant. We at TAPAS are just one of thousands of performers looking forward to when we can 'Break a leg'again.

Let's all look forward and make "New Memories'when we can open up the door again.

TAPAS Choir in lockdown -  I Don't think so!!                      

Although present circumstances mean that TAPAS are unable to meet as a group in the same place, we are continuing to get together in sections for a virtual rehearsal on Zoom We can't sing together on zoom as we all have different internet speeds and it sounds like a Chiniese orchestra tuning up.

That fact that we can't hear each other singing doesn't dampen our enthousiasm at all and our emotive faces are getting a real workout! We also have th opportunity to check in on everyone te make sure that we're all OK - really the most important reason for meeting up - it's our togetherness that keeps us all going through the isolation!

And this is how it goes in one of our Sopranos zoom meetings with Linda, our Sopranos Group leader who has done a fabulous job keeping us all at it, and making sure we have the video, plunk recordings and sheet music perpared by our Musical Director James Burn.

Linda:  "Morning ladies!"

       "Morning Linda - what do you plan for today?"

Linda:  "How did you all get on with James' latest?"

            "O hang on, hang on........someone's trying to get in.  What?  Unmute yourself!

             Oh you haven't got the code. I'll send it to you."

       "Got it thanks."

Linda:  "Hello Margaret, Can't really see you, just the top of your head. Ah, that's better."

            "Hi Jenny! You still in the UK? Have you had your jabs yet?"

Jenny: "Yes. I'm fed up with this lockdown. Can't wait to get back and go out to eat and have some fun, but thanks for                           sending me all the stuff Linda. I'm still missing a couple I think'.

Linda:  "Send me a list of what you're missing and I'll get them to you. 

            "Ah, here's Angie and Ellen

            "I shall mute you all and share the music of "Memories"and you all sing along on your own. When it"s finished we can               discuss where the difficulties are. Thumbs up if you can hear it!"

Well that didn't allwasys work at once - lol - but Big THANK YOU  Linda for making it happen!

I bet that the ability to mute and unmute singers and talkers is a button that Linda might like to keep even after Lockdown is over !!!